Brick Pavers:

Paving brick differ from face brick in a number of ways but the primary difference is with the moisture absorption rate. This makes the paving brick much more durable when installed in contact with the ground. They may be laid in concrete with a mortar joint, or butted together in a flexible bedding of stone dust or sand. Brick pavers can be used to create a custom patio, drive or walkway with a warm traditional look. A vast selection of colors and finishes are available. They include the traditional square edge, a chamfer or rolled edge, even a tumbled brick to simulate a used look. Colors range from the various red clay tones to deep burgundy and browns, light and dark, mono or blended colors.

ASTM C-902 Grade SX Type I, II, or I

Glen Gery

Belden Brick

Whitacre- Greer

Pine Hall


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Concrete Pavers:

This type of paver can be used in all of the same applications as a brick paver, but are available in a number of unique, interlocking shapes. They are intended to be butted together and laid in a flexible bedding (stone dust or sand) or applied with a bituminous mastic to a rigid substrate (asphalt). With the different patterns, colors, and styles to choose from your design possibilities are endless.

ASTM C-936

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Paver Accessories:

Paver Edge Restraint Systems (Oly-Ola, Curv Rite Edging)