Please download and fill out the CT Sales and Use Tax Resale Application. Once completed mail or email to the address below.

Sales & Resale Certificate

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The following application is made to The Homer C. Godfrey Company of 1360 Central Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06610, for credit to purchase materials and services.  If this application is accepted, it shall be governed by the terms set forth on the back of this application.  Applicable sales tax will be charged to purchases unless a current Sales and Use Resale Certificate is included with this application and updated as required by Connecticut law.  This application will not be processed without the name and signature of company guarantor/owner.

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Business Name, Address & Phone #
Business Name, Address & Phone #
Business Name, Address & Phone #
I/We request a commercial charge account for the convenience in making purchases from The Homer C. Godfrey Company. I/We hereby authorize The Homer C. Godfrey Company to verify the information contained hereon and to gather any and all information, including consumer and credit, in connection with the evaluation of this application. I/We certify that I/We have the authority to enter into this agreement.
I/We agree to pay such purchases within thirty (30) days unless special terms are made with The Homer C. Godfrey Company Credit Department. A service charge of 1½% will be added each month to unpaid balances due thirty (30) days or more. In the event of default, I/We agree to pay reasonable Attorney’s fee and other costs incurred in collection. The undersigned personally and unconditionally guarantees the payment of all charges to the account of the above designated company in addition to the service charges and costs of collection including reasonable Attorney’s fee.