Portland Cement Type I – Portland Type I General purpose portland cement meets ASTM C-150. Its uses include pavements, sidewalks, reinforced concrete buildings, bridges, railway structures, tanks reservoirs, culverts water pipe and masonry units.

Portland Cement Type I-A – Portland cement that incorporates air-entraining agents. This (air-entraining) cement produces concrete with improved resistance to freeze-thaw action and to scaling caused by chemicals applied for snow and ice removal. Meets ASTM C-150.

Portland Cement Type I/II –  A convertible portland cement that meets ASTM C-150 for either Type I or Type II requirements. This cement can be used interchangeably for general construction or where sulfate attack is a concern.  

Portland Cement Type II

Offers moderation of heat of hydration and sulfate resistance, and meets ASTM C-150. Type II generates less heat than Type I and is used in structures where sulfate attack is of concern. Applications include drainage structures, piers, large retaining walls, mass dams, mat foundations and anywhere that sulfate concentration in ground waters are higher than normal.

Portland Cement Type III

Provides higher strength at earlier stages in the curing (high early) process. It is used when forms are to be removed as soon as possible or when the structure must be put into service quickly. In cold weather, its use permits a reduced controlled curing period and it complies with ASTM C-150.

White Portland Cement

Lehigh Colored Portland

Masonry Cement Type N

For normal masonry construction, manufactured to meet ASTM C-91 and ASTM C-270 “Mortar for Unit Masonry”. Masonry cement is an intimate blend of portland and finely ground limestone which enhances water retention, workability, board life and durability.

Masonry Cement Type S

Masonry Cement Type M

White Masonry Cement

Lehigh Colored Masonry

Sakrete Concrete Mix

Sakrete Mortar Mix

Sakrete Sand Mix

California Stucco

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Fiber Reinforced Cement

Five Star Grouts

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